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Engineering Services

Asmyldof supports your team to design, develop and test your next hardware or embedded project. Whether it is for an hour, a day, or years to come.

Asmyldof provides engineering services in the following categories;

  • Preliminary design documentation
  • Hardware design
  • Schematic entry
  • Board layout
  • Procurement
  • Manufacture (PCB/PCBA and mechanics)
  • Product prototyping
  • Test and measurement
  • Fault finding and analysis
  • Preliminary embeddable code (bare-metal) as library or proof of concept
  • Interface libraries for PC (low-level)

Core competencies offered are;

  • GHz range mind-set and analysis
  • Analogue, digital and mixed signal design
  • Altium
  • (semi-)Automatic testing
  • Mixing knowledge of what works in hardware with what works in firmware
  • Insights into manufacturing process flow
  • Logical and analytical approach to problem solving
  • Low-level programming (C/C++/Assembler)

Asmyldof comes with a laboratory, fully stocked with various Fluke, Agilent, Keysight, Keithley and LeCroy tools from bench-top 6.5 digit multimeters to GHz range oscilloscopes and from standard lab power supplies to high quality 19" system power supplies. Next to which there's a small scale manual rework station equipped with a Vision3D Dynascope. There's also a prototype assembly chain, using vapour phase and recently upgraded with a semi-automatic (assisted manual) placement machine for best possible consistency at the most reasonable cost and lead time for 1 to 10 PCBA batches.

There's a deep stock of standard parts, often on reel, such as various sizes and types of resistor, capacitor, inductor, transistors, op-amps and various common logic gates as well as experimentation stock of (mostly) Atmel type microcontrollers, allowing very fast prototyping, even in times of parts shortages.

Enriching your team

Asmyldof maintains as a central goal to leave the customer's own team with more knowledge and tools than they had before.

Whether you pay for a solution, a training, or a single review of a design, the intent will always be to offer insightful reasoning and explanation, to help your team grow. At Asmyldof the best result is knowwing that next time we're solving a whole other problem for you, not just the same one over and over again.

Interested in talking about the possibilities for Asmyldof to help you along? Time can always be made for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Help should always be valuable, whether or not there's a cost