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First Try at Asmyldof.com

Posted by admin on April 9, 2013

Today I received notice my new host had acuired my domain Asmyldof.com. So I set out to quickly slamming together a small website to proclaim my digital presence. After more than a year of fiddling and failing with installing toolkits myself this turned out to be a breeze.


It's true that my previous hosting company, MijnDomein, had their own perks and advantages. Unlimited mail aliases was one: Half a day of backtracing and cleaning up and they could finally fit with my new host. What is clear to me now though is that just a service provider with low costs and hands-off asistance leaves too much work for me to do on installing and maintenance of packages. Work I just have no time for between all the other things currently going on.

Because I have recently retained permission to start selling a certain goodie, the Fan Cap Kit, for myself, I set out to design a webshop Logo while I was otherwise disposed and out of reach of laptops and what not.

Small note here: I am self employed under this name (Asmyldof) since 2011 in the fields of Programming and Electronic design. Middle of 2012 I started actively brokering import transactions as well, end of 2012 I had a few product ideas and quite a few good quality project-left-over LED strips

This left me with a problem: None of my webhosts had an easy point-and-click adventure setting where I could just play myself through the settings of a website and a web-shop.

The solution came at the First (tm) Tech Challenge in Den Haag (The Hague), where I visited for reasons not certain enough to repeat in a public forum yet. One of the people I happily handed one of my Fan Cap Kits told me about TransIP. A week went by and I got a bit stuck in a few issues elsewhere, so I started a site transfer, and here we are: TransIP now hosts asmyldof.com and all its subdomains.

What to do about the ULITEM webshop was an easy choice: My TransIP package left just enough room for a PrestaShop webshop add-on, so I chose the subdomain shop.asmyldof.com and soon I will start ripping up the default shop, after which it can be opened to the public. Only thing left to do at that time is make sure that ULITEM.COM points to shop.asmyldof.com/ulitem (or whatever the link will be to the ulitem products range... this is not clear to me yet). This will be my sollution until such time as the sales of ULITEM items merit their own private little web-shop.