Asmyldof can be commissioned for jobs concerning:

  • Embedded Development (K&R C, POSIX C, C++).
  • C programming (K&R, POSIX).
  • C++ programming.
  • Assembler programming (Prior experience with 8086, 8051, Atmel AVR).
  • Light PHP and/or JavaScript programming.
  • Assisting with events concerning kits or workshops provided by ULITEM (

Asmyldof is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) under number 52627101.


  • Import of electronics and related wares.
  • Unique Electronic & Mechtronic design (Digital, Analog and Microcontrolled).

ULITEM is registered alongside Asmyldof. ULITEM will be used as the trade name for all things concerning tools, kits and collections of wares to assist in teaching kids about Technology and Technology Education. An example is the Fan Cap Kit as has been hosted in workshops at the Skills Masters workshops in Rotterdam in the Netherlands the past few years.